How to work with your mom or daughter: An interview with the founders of The Wildflower AZ

When we decided to open our first pop-up store, we wanted to work with local, women-led companies. And it was a no-brainer to collaborate with The Wildflower AZ, a local florist founded and operated by mother-daughter duo Nicole and Selena Helle. 

Over a year ago, The Wildflower AZ had helped organize a beautiful maternity shoot for Brie and our Birdiebee launch party, so it only made sense that our first pop-up would fall into their hands yet again. What we didn't expect was the inspiring story behind the flower shop.

It's no easy feat to own and operate your own business, and these ladies prove that, with just enough passion and commitment, it's far from impossible. 

Nicole filled us in on what it's like being running her own business with her daughter:

When your daughter was younger, what did you dream about for her future?Nicole Helle: When she was younger she told me, she wanted to own a flower shop together and I have always envisioned that since! I've always wanted her to succeed in her creativity, of course, and to be proud of what she does, and it's just so beautiful I'm seeing both of our dreams unfold.

What's it like working with your daughter?
I love working with my daughter because I get to see her talent grow and I get to see her creative mind really do a lot of work and I think that's so beautiful to witness first hand.

Working with her is amazing because I know she's doing what she loves and is passionate about! It's also hard to let go of control of course, but I know not many other mother's get to have this experience so seeing her learn to be a boss and grow creatively is truly worth it.

Best memory/moment of working together?
Every day is a blessing honestly. Seeing Selena really "get it" and letting her creative side run free every day is my favorite thing to experience. Memories are made every day with each other and they are all so special to me.

For mothers and their daughters, what advice or tip would you give them for starting their own business? 
Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid to take a leap, to ask for advice, to take a risk, to work hard, and to be true to yourself! Hard work truly pays off. As for working together: Take the time to enjoy the fact that you're both doing what you love, together! Listen to each other’s insights and always be ahead of the times with each other! Two heads are better than one!