Brie Bella showing off in the Bee Fearless Intimates


 Brie Bella, co-founder of Birdiebee, and husband, Bryan, welcomed their beautiful daughter on May 8th, 2017, Birdie Joe Danielson. Brie shows off her rockin' post-baby body in our newest collection, Bee Fearless Intimates! Brie is wearing the Bee Fearless Low Cut Racer Back Bra and the Bee Fearless High Waisted Thong

8 months after giving birth to little Birdie, Brie shares her journey on balancing life, work, and of course, family 💖

Q: Has your diet changed since giving birth to Birdie?
A: "Yes! I had to consume more calories to make more breastmilk. Also I have to make sure I get the right nutrients daily because as a breastfeeding mom she’s consuming what I’m eating."
Q: What is your weekly work out program?
A: "I go walking every morning. It starts my day off right and gives me energy. I now workout with a trainer 3-4 times a week. Before my trainer I was taking one barre class, one yoga class and one spin class a week. I love changing it up and I love working out in the evening because that’s where my temptations kick in so I figured let’s replace it with workout."
Q: Do you have a favorite work out class?
A: "I love barre class!!! It’s an intense full body workout that strengthens and lengthens you."
Q: Between Belle Radici and Birdiebee, WWE, Total Bellas, Bella Twins YouTube Channel, making time for your family and still trying to find time for yourself. How do you balance it all?
A: "Meditation!!! In order to balance chaos you need to know how to take deep breaths and how to manage your energy. When Birdie is fussy as I’m trying to complete a business email I tell myself that she needs me, in this moment for just a little bit. If I get frustrated or start breaking down then everything collapses. I remind myself life isn’t perfect so just roll with it."
Q: What do you do when you set time aside for yourself? Or does it all go to Birdie? 
A: "Happy hour with the girls is something I need!! I love to make time to have adult convos and some wine!!! Also my husband forces me to go get a massage and mani pedi. Those pamper moments really recharge my energy and make me a better mom!!"
Q: What is the best advice you'd give to all the momma's trying to lose the baby weight?
A: Not to stress! Remember it took 9 months to have your baby so it’ll take longer to get back how you looked before the baby. I gave myself 2 months to learn motherhood and get adjusted to my new schedule and life. After that I started to slowly workout. Now Birdie is 8 months old and I’m hitting the gym hard with a trainer. I still have 7 more pounds to go but I feel great. I think at times, Moms are hard on ourselves. We feel we need to jump right back in to tip top shape, but that’s not the case. Number 1 way to lose weight is not to stress!
Check out Brie + Birdie's favorite workouts on the Bella Twins YouTube Channel!